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SKY Schools Breathwork & Wellness Part 1 - online | The Art of Living
SKY Schools Breathwork & Wellness Part 1 - online Jun 8-10, 2021
Online Freeport, New York
Regular: $195.00
Student: $195.00
Senior: $195.00
Repeater: $75.00
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Hitesh Monga
Hitesh Monga, TBD,
Hitesh Monga, TBD,
Course Id: 0H2150


This course is specifically designed to give practical techniques to parents, teachers and youth workers to shape children, by starting with ourselves. We learn powerful physiological tools to proactively manage our mind, emotions and the stress in our lives.

“Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach.” 

 - W.E B. DuBois

In this three-day session awareness is brought to the choices we make for integrating healthy practice into daily life. Self-care is seen not as selfish, but as an integral understanding that my own habits transfer to the next generation. It gives those who work with children, whether in the role of teacher or parent, diagnostic tools to shift mindset and develop a new outlook on managing stress.

On each day targeted breathing techniques provide participants with a repeatable physiological practice which compliments a cognitive understanding of the functioning of the mind. As adults we take full responsibility for our values and behavior which we pass on to the children we work with.