SKY Schools

SKY Schools is dedicated to providing youth with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

About SKY Schools

SKY Schools is dedicated to providing youth with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle. We do this by offering youth practical tools and life skills to manage stress and emotions. When students learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way, they exhibit greater confidence and motivation to succeed in school and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges.

Young people face emotional issues such as low self-esteem, depression and anxiety that are a source of great stress, which inhibits learning. Without a healthy alternative, students often turn to unhealthy strategies to cope with these problems including: smoking, alcohol or drugs, aggression and violence, and withdrawal from social interaction. As students learn to reduce stress and manage emotions they gain the ability to focus and perform well academically at school, as well as the ability to build more positive relationships with their peers, parents and teachers.

Healthy Body

The Healthy Body module encourages physical fitness and healthy food choices through:

  • Physical activity that includes exercise to stretch and strengthen the body
  • Experiential processes that encourage mindful eating
  • Interactive discussions on food and nutrition

Healthy Mind

The Healthy Mind module includes stress management and relaxation techniques that encourage a positive mental attitude through:

  • Targeted breathing techniques that reduce stress, anger, anxiety and depression; improve focus and concentration; and enhance learning ability
  • Relaxation exercises that encourage a calm state of mind
  • Experiential processes that revitalize human values such as responsibility, respect, kindness, belonging, honesty, enthusiasm and service

Healthy Lifestyle

The Healthy Lifestyle module includes social-emotional learning and life skills in conflict resolution through:

  • Teamwork exercises that teach how to manage emotions and resolve conflict
  • Interactive processes that encourage pro-social behavior, problem solving and cooperation
  • Dynamic discussions that teach goal setting and good decision-making
  • Practical knowledge that increases self-confidence and inner-strength to help students handle peer pressure and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges

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SKY Meditation

The core of all of IAHV’s programs is SKY Meditation.

Utilizing specific rhythms of the breath participants quickly and easily eliminate stress, revitalize their nervous system and bring clarity and focus to their minds. SKY Meditation facilitates recovery for stress or trauma as well as bringing more success whether in one’s career, studies, or relationships.

Meditation is now a well-established as a complementary medical treatment as well a stress-management and resilience tool. Its practice also brings greater success and fulfillment in one’s daily activities. SKY Meditation is a unique breath-based technique that uses cyclical, rhythmic patterns of breath to bring the mind and body effortlessly into meditation. It has been empirically validated and holds distinct advantages over other forms of meditation.

That is why IAHV teaches SKY Meditation. This unique meditation technique leads the participants to immediately observable effects. SKY is designed to bring benefits for both those wanting to improve their vitality, clarity, well-being and focus.

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How Does it Work?

Research shows that breathing and emotional states are tightly coupled processes that greatly influence each other. Emotional states change the quality and patterns of respiration. In turn, respiration patterns can alter the emotional state.

SKY Meditation is distinct because it uses specific patterns of breath to automatically settle the mind into deep meditation without any mental effort, concentration or observation. Its effects have been studied in open and randomized trials, both in healthy populations and in populations with psychopathology. SKY is both self-empowering and a low cost approach to improving ones physical and mental/emotional vitality.

Where has SKY Meditation been Taught?

For more than 30 years, SKY Meditation has been taught globally in hospitals, schools, colleges, corporations, prisons, and in programs for at-risk populations, including veterans returning from war.

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