Key Staff

Elan Gepner
National Director, SKY Schools
Elan graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University. He spent 15 years establishing empowerment programs for youth, including leadership academies, poetry and theater festivals, youth film productions, and personal development coaching and instruction.
Bill Heman
Intl. Director of Training SKY Schools

Bill received his BFA, MFA and teaching credentials from the Art Institute of Chicago. He founded SKY Schools and has trained SKY Schools teachers in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Australia, South Africa, Canada and England as well as the United States

Annelies Richmond
National Director, SKY Campus

Annelies Richmond is an international trainer of meditation, breathwork, leadership and social connection, and has trained 1000+ certified teachers globally. She speaks and teaches at institutions such as Yale, Purdue, Texas A&M, Google and the United Nations. She founded SKY Campus Happiness in response to the dire need for powerful well-being solutions in our universities, and is passionate about empowering our young people.

Mandar Apte
Director, Cities4Peace

Mandar is the Executive Director of the Cities4Peace initiative of IAHV and a Visiting Scholar in the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University. He is also a Board Member of the Charter for Compassion, an intl. non-profit that promotes compassion in the world. In 2016, Mandar started the From India With Love initiative to reinvigorate the ancient message of nonviolence (or Ahimsa) in the world. Aligned with this mission, in Oct 2018, Mandar hosted the inaugural World Summit for Countering Violence & Extremism that brought together peace activists and law enforcement executives to promote peace and compassion in the world. Until 2016, Mandar worked at Shell for 17 years at Shell International, where he managed Shell’s prestigious GameChanger social innovation program.

Gabriella Savelli
National Director, IAHV Prison Program
Ms Savelli became Director of the IAHV Prison Program (Stress Management & Rehabilitation Training) in 2009. She is a prison silence course pioneer, and has taught  IAHV courses to thousands nationwide, as well as internationally. In 2016, she won the Washington DC DOC "Making a Difference" George Strawn Award, and in 2018 Gabriella became the International Coordinator. She served on the Board of SELA Red Cross, and is a graduate of the Office of Victim's Assistance Leadership Program. Prior to working with IAHV, Gabriella graduated Magna Cum Laude from Edinboro University, and served as a Public Welfare caseworker for 10 years.
Leslye Moore
National Director, PWHT

Leslye Moore, Executive Director of Project Welcome Home Troops, delivers mind-body resilience programming to veterans and military members at Veterans Affairs hospitals, Universities and military installations and academies across the United States and internationally.  She has held leadership roles within humanitarian organizations for over 30 years; directing a wide range of trauma relief and humanitarian assistance programs including refugee resettlement, anti-human trafficking, natural disasters and HIV/AIDS programs in Asia, Africa, Europe and Central America and the Caribbean.

Director of Operations, SKY Campus

After a successful career in business, Stephanie has dedicated herself to changing the face of education. She provides leadership training, structure and support for SKY Campus Happiness on 58 university campuses, and sits on the board of RMD for Mindfulness in Higher Education.

Gayatri Mani
Program Director, SKY Kids & Teens Program

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