Asia / Middle East

IAHV Peacebuilding Programs effectively transform the mindsets, attitudes, wellbeing and behavior of individuals and communities engaged in or affected by conflict and violence.

“I think this will address the roots of conflict, the psychological dimension that nobody deals with or comes close to. They think it is something very complicated. They need to find solutions for difficult cases and treat each case separately. However, this is an effective group approach for psycho-social issues” – Sanaa, social worker, Beirut

IAHV’s proven track record includes efforts to provide rehabilitation of victims as well as perpetrators, reintegration of ex-combatants, youth leadership and women’s empowerment training, prevention of radicalization and leadership development initiatives in areas beset by conflict, including Iraq, Kosovo, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Israel- Palestine, India and South Africa. Given this expertise, the IAHV Peacebuilding
Program focuses on the following program areas:

  • Trauma Relief, Resilience and Empowerment
  • Preventing and Transforming Violent Extremism – Mobilizing Youth for Peace
  • Bridging Divided Communities, Dialogue and Reconciliation
  • Training Professional Peacebuilding and Development Agencies