Cities4Peace is a global initiative that strives to promote PEACE in cities worldwide – A Peace where people are able to remove conflicts without resorting to violence. A Peace where people actively participate in Uplifting and Transforming their communities and neighborhoods.

The Intent

Our intent is to not only reduce the effect of violence that rattles cities around the world, but to go a step beyond – in creating a powerful and sustainable mechanism to initiate, establish and propagate peace via existing establishments of civic engagement, law enforcement and community groups.

The Approach

Our educational programs are based on scientifically proven breathing and meditation techniques that shift our perspective from merely ‘Reduction of Violence’ to ‘Actively Promoting Peace’. We work on creating a paradigm shift at the level of each individual, empowering them to become agents of change to collectively promote vibrant neighborhoods and peaceful and healthy cities.

Our Partners

Cities4Peace invites city officials, law enforcement agencies and community organizations to #RethinkPeace in your city, and neighborhoods

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