The Art of Living Foundation Partners with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to Conduct SKY Breath Meditation for its Employees to Provide Stress Relief and Boost Mental Well-being

Front Line Aid Workers and Volunteers Responding to COVID-19 Benefit from Evidence-based Meditation that Energizes, Brings Joy and Reduces Burnout

Washington, D.C., June 1, 2021 — To empower employees supporting various life-saving initiatives, including the response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Art of Living Foundation offered its flagship SKY Breath Meditation program to employees of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). This program allows IFRC global staff to have access to a powerful evidence-based breath-work and meditation tool that will bolster their mental and physical well-being.

The SKY Breath Meditation program is made available in six languages to employees of IFRC worldwide. Armed with a new training module that teaches how to manage mind and emotions, the aid workers will be able to support and sustain their efforts in contributing to their local communities with greater energy and enthusiasm.

95% of participants found the workshop to be valuable and said that they would recommend it to their colleagues. “I am so happy after this workshop and finally got time to invest in my well-being.”

“I feel really calm, settled, focused and grounded, and I am really inspired by a simple, practical approach that feels like it immediately works.”

In addition to 91% of participants who agreed that they felt calmer after the workshop, participants also reported a marked improvement in the quality of their sleep.

“Taking care of our mind is an utmost priority during the current times. Before we manage our external world, we need to manage our inner world and we are truly delighted to join hands with IFRC, which exemplifies service and inspiration to all,” said Rob Trombold, President of Art of Living Foundation USA. “Our program will help the health workers become centered, stable and strong mentally and emotionally as they continue to protect and serve their local communities.”

Jagan Chapagain, IFRC Secretary General said: “

Over the past year, our volunteers and staff have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and other concurrent disasters. This work can take a huge toll both physically and emotionally. The Sky Breath meditation program has provided them with the tools to relieve their stress and anxiety so that they can continue their important work.”

The SKY Breath Meditation Program, previously known as the Happiness Program, has been taught to millions across the world. Since March 2020, many health workers around the world have experienced relief from the online program.

Over 70 independent studies have demonstrated a range of scientific benefits from practicing the breathing exercises taught on the SKY Breath Meditation workshop. Research has shown the practices decrease anxiety, reduce the stress hormone cortisol by over 50%, improve immune cell counts within as little as three weeks, and improve time spent in deep sleep three-fold.

About the Art of Living Foundation

AOLF aims to create a stress-free and violence-free society through fostering individual well-being and societal development. Founded in 1981 and present in 156 countries, it’s programs have touched over 400 million lives.


About IFRC

IFRC is the world’s largest humanitarian network, comprising 192 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies working to save lives and promote dignity around the world.


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Benefit Concert for To India with Love Campaign May 23rd 2021

Washington DC, May 20th, 2021

As the COVID-19 crisis raging in India sets record death tolls, the world watches from afar.  #ToIndiaWithLove will be a week-long impact campaign ending with a benefit concert, sending a message of hope and solidarity with the people of India during this incredibly trying time. IAHV in partnership with Art of Living is driving an effort to supply critical equipment for those in need. These organizations have so far raised $1.5 million out of their $2.5 million target fund raise. The event will be a fundraiser to support their network of 10,000s of volunteers on the ground in India, so they can get supplies to high-need communities, establish COVID care centers and provide and mental health programs during this challenging time around the country.

IAHV is hosting a benefit concert May 23rd at 3pm ET. Confirmed artists include: Will.I.Am, Black Eyed Peas, Krishna Das, Ari Afsar, Jennifer Lee Snowden, Ali Stone, Cozmic, Raye Zaragoza, Deva Premal & Miten, MC Yogi, with more to be announced. The event with finish with special guided meditation with global spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The event will also include conversations with field leaders working tirelessly on the ground to grapple with oxygen and medical supply shortages, and to address the challenges daily wage workers are facing during the lockdowns. The event will be hosted by actress Fagun Thakrar and social entrepreneur Johann Berlin and produced by We & Goliath. All the artists and organizers are donating their time.

The organizers are asking people across the globe to send #ToIndiaWithLove messages, poems, songs, and words of inspiration to India during the crisis, many of which will be featured in the event and/or website.

“We have been so inspired by the compassionate response to our efforts so far. We hope this campaign and event can help spread hope, bring awareness about the situation in India, and raise funds for much-needed support,” shares Madhu Kadari from International Association for Human Values.

“India has given so much to the world – including arts and culture, ancient sciences, yoga & meditation and so many technological innovations. Now is a time for the world to stand with India in her moment of need,” says Fagun Thakrar, co -host.

“Even though the challenges in India are exponential, so is our capacity for kindness, generosity, and spreading hope. Now is a moment where we can all show our support and stand with India and the Indian Diaspora in a time of need,” says Johann Berlin, co-host

In addition to the thousands of messages of hope and inspiration generated from the campaign, the proceeds raised will go to the International National Association for Human Values for projects the ground – providing beds, oxygen supplies, food, and mental health services.

About IAHV: IAHV is a 501(c)3 organization that serves as a global platform for humanitarian initiatives that solve problems by uplifting human values. For 35 years, IAHV, in partnership with Art of Living, has mobilized its global volunteer networks to provide humanitarian and disaster relief through immediate material aid and services, trauma relief, and sustainable community development. IAHV has a strong reputation in India and around the world and sits on the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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Empowering Girls On the International Day of The Girl Child and Beyond

October 11, 2017, Washington DC: According to UNICEF, every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence. This is an abject violation of human rights. It is time to usher in a world where girls are free from all forms of violence. This year, the International Day of the Girl (11 October) focuses on the theme, “EmPOWER girls: Before, during and after conflict“. The impact of conflicts on girls’ reproductive and sexual health can never be underestimated. Their psychological, reproductive and overall well-being is severely compromised during times of conflict. No community or country can progress unless girls get a chance to realize their agency and fulfil their true potential. The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) strives to work towards a world where every girl, everywhere, has a chance to lead a life free from oppression and violence.


Over the years, IAHV has been working in challenging contexts such as Iraq and Sinjar to help girls and women lead lives as they truly deserve – free from violence and conflict. Our on-the-ground efforts have aided the rescue of girls from the Yazidi community. They were offered safe spaces and supportive interventions to help overcome the trauma that they have experienced. Psycho-social support in times of conflict is a critical component to response and protection needs for those who have experienced violence.  Despite these negative outcomes, women have acted as peace mediators in families and societies for generations and have proved instrumental in conflict prevention. Their roles as empowered allies of change and peace must be recognized. From prevention, protection to rehabilitation and empowerment IAHV works towards offering holistic solutions for girls caught in conflict.


The rights of girls are fundamental to progress. Human values must not be compromised. As long as girls are confronted with violence, the UN Sustainable Development Goals will remain a moving target.  IAHV stands with all organizations committed to usher in a world that is free from conflict for girls regardless of where they live.



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Priyanka Ghosh
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The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities.

IAHV Stands Committed To Global Goals at UNGA72

New York, September 26, 2017

The International Association For Human Values (IAHV) participated actively in critical conversations at the UNGA72 in New York this week. The main thrust for discussions focused around the need to foster and sustain a culture of sustainable peace.

One of the key areas of discussion included ways to strengthen IAHV’s work with girls and women from the Yazidi communities. The other area of focus included IAHV’s intervention with extremist groups to offer tools and techniques to enable them to choose the path of peace over violence.

“This was a critical week in the global development calendar. We got a chance to explore ways to collaborate, discuss and develop a roadmap for the future. Our work reaches the most vulnerable and marginalized. Our initiatives are strategically aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The global direction is set. IAHV stands ready to contribute towards the realization of the SDGs,” said Filiz Odabas-Geldiay, Executive Director, IAHV.

IAHV reached out to a range of key stakeholders – political leaders, dignitaries, UN officials, ambassadors, members of civil society organizations and others to forge next steps.  The health and rights of the world’s most vulnerable must be protected. The path of peace must prevail in order to realize the potential of the SDGs.



For more information, contact:

Priyanka Ghosh
Communications Officer



The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities.